How To Survive Growing Your Hair Out.

So nearly a year ago I cut my hip-length hair off, right up to my shoulders. I had that new thing everyone was on about: a Lob. (Long bob- but I’m sure you already knew that) I actually really enjoyed the Lob; it had its own little air of glam when it was curled and looked cutesy with my dungarees and glasses or half up in a scrunchie. It was surprisingly pretty low maintenance. However, recently I’ve decided I miss my Princess Jasmine hair and have tested some of the tricks of the trade people swear by to make it grow out faster.

First up came the one with the biggest promises- Inversion Therapy. This basically involves tipping you head upside down and massaging your scalp for exactly five minutes, every day for a week, once a month. The idea is that the blood flow to your head and massaging the scalp stimulates and encourages hair growth. Online, people had claimed they’d seen up to 4 inches of hair growth in a week so naturally, I was pretty excited to try this out. So there I was, lay with my head tipped upside down over the edge of my bed, massaging away for five minutes each night for a whole week. The claims were obviously too good to be true, but I did notice maybe an inch of growth in total. Not bad, but not the miracle I was hoping for.

Next was the all natural, protein hair mask. I didn’t fancy the typical egg white on hair thing so I opted for a simpler one. I mixed olive oil (moisturising), almond milk (for protein- hair needs proteins to grow), and honey (gotta keep that hair moist) in a cup. Now, here is my biggest problem with this: Everybody wants to recommend an all natural hair mask… no one tells you how to apply the damn thing! This was too runny to just scoop up in my hands without getting a sticky, oily mess all over my room. I couldn’t just pour the cup over my head because again, mess- more of it was going on the floor than my hair. I tried spooning it on to my hair but that was taking five-ever. I tried dipping my hair into the cup, which covered the ends well but then they were really soggy and my scalp was dry. Basically, you need a combination of all of the above to get these things on your head. Anyway, once you somehow figure out how to get the goopiness on your hair (gotta be from the roots right to the ends), you want to comb it through with your fingers then leave it on for about 15 minutes. If you google this procedure, people will tell you to “relax” while it’s penetrating through your hair and working its magic. Spoiler: You can’t. It’s too goopy to relax. Maybe that’s just me but I couldn’t settle with that sticking to the back of my neck, so I did a full body shave instead, killing two birds with one stone. Anyway, after whatever you do for those 15 minutes you can shampoo your hair and (I personally) liked to leave it to dry naturally, ready to be straightened the next day. (Pro (not really) tip: do this the night before a big event just in case it doesn’t work well with your hair or you over do it and you need to wash it out again for some reason. i.e it’s too oily for your hair.) The verdict? I got a lot of compliments about my hair looking shiny and healthy. Someone asked if I’d just had it cut because the ends were so neat. Overall, I’d say this is better for hair repair than growth, but still worth doing if you can deal with the goopiness.

Finally comes the magical unicorn of hair growth techniques. A shampoo that claims to make your hair grow. I bought it from Lush, and basically it contains cinnamon to stimulate the scalp and clear out anything that would be stopping the hair from growing. Sounds like a miracle right? Well it kind of is. It’s all natural, and comes as a little pink soap bar that looks like a macaron and promises 80 washes. My hair has definitely grown significantly since using it, and it is so shiny. It’s a super cleansing shampoo, so I wouldn’t use it every day- let your hair get a little dirty/oily first so you don’t strip your hair of its natural oils. The only downside to this shampoo bar is its storage. You have to leave it to dry out after use, preferably not in your steamy bathroom but somewhere dry but not on a radiator.  I keep mine in a little Tupperware dish and I think Lush sell shampoo bar tins (as always, the Lush staff are super friendly so I’m sure they’d have suggestions for any storage or use issues). So overall, this has been my favourite method.

A healthy combination of all of the above techniques and tools would probably give you the healthiest, flowing locks in the land. I’ll be posting a picture of the shampoo bar on my Instagram story here today, but if you miss that, you can always have a look on Lush’s website or pop in store.

I also have a pretty exciting new project coming up soon, so I’ll keep you all posted on that!

Speak soon,

Laura x


How To Survive Working-Out Without The Gym.

Please don’t see the title and immediately close the browser! It’s not going to be as bad as you think I swear. To be honest, I think working out at home is the WORST but sometimes it just has to be done. I don’t really want to pay for two gym memberships for when I’m home from university, but I hate the thought of all my hard work going to waste over the holidays. So, I’ve gathered together my best thoughts about working out at home, without completely hating it. Whether you’re a complete newbie, just taking a break from the gym or want a little something extra, there’s loads you can do without a gym.

The other day, I had an epiphany. YOGA! I know half of Instagram has already discovered this but bare with me, it’s story time first. Now, I was in the living room in my pyjamas still, feeling zen af. I got to the end of my Yoga tutorial (more on that later) and I was instructed to close my eyes and breathe as I stood. So there I am, in the middle of my living room, standing tall, breathing deeply, eyes closed until the tutorial comes to an end. I open my eyes and there is the window cleaner. Oh yes. And obviously, he couldn’t hear my yoga tutorial so to him I was just stood in my pyjamas with my eyes closed in my living room for no reason. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even recover well, I just kept straight eye contact and slowly backed out of the room. So tip number 1: Close the curtains before you start.

Anyway, back to the point. There’s tonnes of yoga tutorials online but my favourite is Yoga With Adriene, who you can find on YouTube (or click the link I’ve made on her name). She has a 30 Days of Yoga series you can follow to introduce yourself to yoga, and plenty of videos varying in skill level. Adriene is really encouraging, and there’s always options to adapt the poses and movements to your ability. Her yoga videos are the first ones I’ve actually felt working my muscles properly whilst relaxing me. I didn’t think it was possible to work my abs that hard and relax at the same time but there you go. Bonus, as I said, you can do it in your pyjamas and no one is there to look at you funny (apart from maybe the window cleaner) so there’s nothing to feel silly about.

If you’re more of the strength building kind (not that yoga doesn’t do that, it certainly does) there’s all sorts of things you can do just on your living room floor. I don’t generally like those 30 Day Squat Challenge things that you see on Pinterest as a long term habit, however, when you don’t have a gym for a little while they can be quite beneficial for maintaining what you’ve already got. Planks, press-ups, wall-sits and most ab exercises can also be done in the comfort of your own home using just the timer on your phone.

However, with all this strength building, some cardio needs to be done. I’m not going to lie I hate jogging, although I doubt that’s a controversial opinion. However, at home I have no other means of cardio so I’ve had to learn to like it. It’s best to start with a reasonable goal, like if you’re just starting out a ten minute run followed by some yoga and/or squats/press-ups/sit-ups/whatever is more than enough. Don’t challenge yourself to run up a huge hill for twenty minutes knowing you’re going to hate every second of it. If you hate the idea of it, you wont do it. Generally, running outside feels much more pleasant than a treadmill, and more rewarding, but if you really hate it there are ways around it. Star jumps, squat jumps and HIIT work outs all incorporate cardio and strength work and can be done in your living room. Win.

I’ve also been doing loads of walking at home with my dog. I’m fortunate to live in quite a nice scenic area, so I have plenty of hills to walk up which really works your glutes. The best thing about walking is it’s great for fat burning and toning, and if the weather’s good there’s plenty of time to catch a tan as you go. That may sound optimistic for Britain, but even the fresh air is great for your skin and gives you a much brighter complexion. I used think my parents were mental for going “pebble spotting” (my snarky name for scenic walks from 14 year old me, my parents don’t actually take part in the hobby of pebble spotting, in case you were confused) but I think they’re actually on to something. Walking really gets a 10/10 from me.

I suppose the hardest part of all of this is getting yourself going. Once I’m out for my run I really do start to almost not hate it (although, that’s mostly on the down-hill parts, but still… progress.) A quick YouTube or Google search can find you some great at home work outs for all kinds of abilities, and if you’re walking you can always gather up some friends to join you and take a picnic for the top of the hills. See, no gym necessary. Just remember to close your curtains so the window cleaner doesn’t think you’re possessed as you do your deep breathing exercises.

Speak soon,



How To Survive Going Back to Live With the Parents. (Kindly Katie’s tips!)

The lovely Kindly Katie (click to see her blog!) had some great ideas for those of us who’ve come home from university, travelling or anywhere else and are back living with our parents. Although the free food in the fridge and household heating might be a luxury at first, sometimes the novelty wears off of being back home, but Katie’s gathered a few ideas about how to cope with this:

How to Survive Going Back to Live with the Parents

Going back to live with your parents can be dreadful. When you get that time of freedom and independence, you can go crazy going back to living under your parents roof. Rules, privacy, feeling like a kid again… those can just be a few of the common struggles. 

I’ve come up with a few ways to stay sane, that have personally helped me while moving back home from university for the summer. 

  1. Let your parents know the struggle moving back home. Be open about it. They usually are more supportive of your privacy then. Explain how you’re used to living your life how it was before, and how this is all new again. They won’t take offense. Change is hard.
  2. Get out of the house. Find excuses to get out. Go to the local coffee shop to browse on your computer, go on a run. Sometimes just getting out of the house and being by yourself is what you need to stay independent. 
  3. Do your own chores/duties around the house. The sense of taking care of yourself can remind you of your previous independence. Cook your own meals instead of eating what your parents make, do your own laundry, etc. 
  4. Stay busy. This can mean getting out of the house, or even staying busy doing work from home. I took a class one summer and staying busy made time go by faster. 
  5. Keep your eyes on the end point. If your stay is temporary, keep thinking that. If your stay is more permanent or not planned, think about what you can do to get you to the end point. If that’s saving up for your own place, find a way to achieve that. 

Some people love living with their parents, but if your like me, try these tips. If your stay is temporary, staying busy is the best thing you can do to make time go faster to get to the end point. If your stay is more permanent, figure out your goals and a plan to get there. 

Hope these helped! Comment below if you have any tips/suggestions.

xo; Kindly, Katie 


So much thanks to Katie for those little tips! She’s a lovely girl and has some really interesting posts on her blog so it’s definitely worth having a read of her stuff here:

Speak soon,



Help Me Survive Things?

People of WordPress!

Just a quick one to ask if there’s anything you’d like me to survive for you? Since you’re following me on here,  or accidentally stumbled over here, I guess I should see if there’s anything in particular you’re interested in. I guess?

Any experiences or social situations you’ve been stuck in where you just don’t know how to react? Any news stories you’re still getting your head around? Any exercise regimes etc. you’re not so sure about? Send them to me on my social media links or comment below and I’ll see what I can do!




How To Survive Going Dairy-Free (Or accidentally vegan in my case.)

So basically, my skin cleared up around last month and I was finally mostly acne-free. Then I rather stupidly started using whey protein shakes after the gym nearly five times a week and BAM. This huge cystic acne accompanied by under the surface pimples all over my face. Grim.

Now, as whey protein comes from milk, I figured it’s probably dairy that triggers my acne, and thus (yeah. I used the word “thus”) I decided to try going dairy free for a week. However, as I already don’t eat meat, this turned into eating vegan for a week.

I know, I know, “Shut up! Stop telling people you’re a vegan! No one cares, stop telling us every five seconds!” Fear not, this isn’t going to turn all animal rights and preachy. (Although, I’m sure if you follow me on social media you’ll see enough of that) This was purely for vanity reasons. (Obviously. *Paris Hiltonesque hair-flip*)

I’m not going to lie, I honestly didn’t really miss much. In fact, it was probably the best I’ve eaten since going to university. I also feel like I had a culinary learning curve, and ventured to a whole new section of the supermarket so, overall a positive experience.

I was a big fan of Alpro’s Oat Milk. It’s found with all the long life milk, usually in the tea and coffee aisle and honestly, it was the closest I’ve tasted to actual cow’s milk. I’ve experimented with Almond milk and soya milk too but soy milk tastes gross on its own so cereal was a bit of a no-go, and almond milk is rancid in a cup of tea. I’m sorry, but you can take my cheese and chocolate, but you’re not taking my cups of tea. So yeah, oat milk was a great dairy free diet staple, it’s environmentally more sustainable and it actually tastes pretty good in both cereal and tea, so it’s a 10/0 from me. I hear it’s also usable in mash potatoes and baking if you’re into actual kitchen activity.

Speaking of which, I’m a TERRIBLE cook, like awful. 8 times out of 10 I can’t even get toast right so I needed food that was simple. Since I could no longer live off cheese toasties and chocolate cookies I felt pretty screwed initially, but it turns out supermarkets are actually getting pretty stocked up on their vegan/dairy-free stuff. Linda McCartney does AMAZING vegan steak pies and suspiciously meaty sausages. They can be cooked straight from frozen and are extremely satisfying with some dairy-free mash and veggies. I also found a really simple pesto pasta dish (using vegan pesto from the Tesco “Free From” section) to which you can add tofu or, as I chose to, Quorn’s vegan chicken-style burgers cut up, and the Tesco stir fry deal with the Singapore noodles are vegan friendly with the right sauce.

The biggest thing I really feared was a lack of chocolate. Anyone that knows me knows I inhale the stuff and usually pair it with a Starbucks skinny-latte. However, the problem was quickly solved. Starbucks stock soy milk and almond milk and possibly more dairy-free milks, you just have to ask, and Alpro once again saved the day with their Devilishly Dark Chocolate pots. They were also found in the Free From range in Tesco and honestly omg they’re SO satisfying for a chocolate craver like myself. It was the same consistency as a Dairy Milk buttons dessert pot thingy and just as filling. I also found out Oreos and Tesco’s Oaties biscuits are vegan, and any other snacking can be done with nuts, Kettle Chips and obviously fruit, veg and hummus.

If you want a little help in the kitchen, Lucy Watson and Ella Woodward have AMAZING vegan cook books out, as well as the book Vegan Goodness, which I’ve seen in Waterstones and Urban Outfitters. If you’re more a dining out kinda-guy/gal then Ask Italian, Zizzi’s and Pizza express do suspiciously good vegan pizzas and garlic breads, and a quick google can find any other dietary requirement-fulfilling places near you.

Unsurprisingly my skin cleared up after a week of dairy-free , but mostly, I just felt generally better. Vegan/dairy-free food doesn’t have to just be salads and hummus sprinkled in quinoa. There’s so many choices out there and amazing substitutes, and it wasn’t actually any more expensive than my usual weekly shop as I wasn’t buying yoghurts, biscuits, chocolate and cheese.

Just make sure you’re always checking the labels and doing what’s right for you. Not every dietary quirk suits everyone, so go slowly introducing or removing things from your diet before you go all out and keep it balanced.

Make sure you’re still treating yourself!


Speak soon,




How To Survive People Caring About Your Body When It Has Nothing To Do With Them Anyway.

Today I was scrolling through Snapchat and somehow ended up looking at the Daily Mail Snapchat Story. There was an article which, if you have me on Twitter, you will know infuriated me. So now I’m going to rant about it on here and you’re on this post now so you might as well sit and listen.

Angelina Jolie went to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury to discuss the Refugee Crisis, preventing sexual violence in conflict and South Sudan. These are just a few of the humanitarian issues Jolie vocally cares for and works towards bettering. Amazing right? A star as big as her using her platform to better the world and help those in need. What did the Daily Mail have to say about her? They released an article reporting comments about the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra, claiming the Archbishop was “in danger” (genuine quote, because nipples are so threatening, didn’t you know?) of being distracted by her nipples. The last few paragraphs of the article did mention some of Jolie’s charity work, but the leading headline and opening paragraphs were focused on comments on her nipples. It also implied the Archbishop had nothing to be concerned about other than her nipples, as if he spent the whole meeting staring at them. Doubt it Daily Mail, it’s only you and the likes of Piers Morgan who think every opportunity is an opportunity to sexualise something. In the same Snapchat Story, women’s bodies were constantly the forefront of their “News” yet they continued to place negative light on women doing well and being happy with their bodies.

The same has been seen with Emma Watson’s latest photo shoot which apparently was a “topless” photoshoot, which it was not. It was slight under-boob/ cleavage. To be honest, it was nothing more than any ordinary artistic modelling shoot you’d see in Vogue or something. But even if it was topless apparently, you’re not allowed to be a feminist and have boobs. Men like Piers Morgan are the ones who get to tell us what is and isn’t feminism and what is and isn’t acceptable to do with our bodies. Duh. Apparently images of Cindy Lauper looking smoking af (see his twitter feed) are okay, but Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Watson can not possibly be sexual beings with you know, female bodies, and also feminists.

Perhaps even worse, however, is women tearing other women down because of their bodies and what they choose to do with them. You don’t get to tell someone “oh put it away.” or say “her bum isn’t even that nice” just because you’re not comfortable with flaunting your own body. It’s okay to not want to take topless photos or wear short dresses or whatever. But it’s also okay to want to do that. What’s not okay is slating someone for being happy with their body, choosing to wear revealing or non-revealing clothing. (To be honest I don’t even like using the word revealing here, it feels kind of derogatory, sorry, I just can’t think of a different word). If you don’t want to see someone’s pictures, if you think how they’re dressing is wrong, how they’re posing is wrong or their bum isn’t that nice, fine. Unfollow them on Instagram, wear whatever clothes you want and keep your nasty words to yourself.

Seriously, how have we got to a point (or should I say how are we STILL at a point) where women’s bodies and appearances get more attention than their UNICEF work, animal rights work, women’s rights work, charity donations and time spent volunteering, amazing acting work, amazing entrepreneurial skills or you know, nice personality and good-will? In the words of Emily Ratajkowski “If you can’t take a woman seriously because you’ve seen her body, that’s on you.”

Bodies are just bodies. If anyone is critical of yours and what you do with it, it’s only because they’re taking a break from being so critical of themselves.

Speak soon,






How To Survive Being a Lazy Perfectionist.

Seriously do you have any idea how frustrating this is?

I am somehow, simultaneously, the laziest person I know and the biggest perfectionist I know. I know it sounds impossible but on one hand I’ve genuinely been referred to as “the real life Monica Geller” before but then I’m also the kind of person who leaves my dishes on the side hoping my housemates will eventually, bit by bit, wash them for me. (Sorry housemates, love ya!) But heaven forbid that pile of dishes spreads further than the designated dirty dishes section of the kitchen counter. Dear God no.

I like to do this thing where I get an essay question and plan my answer to it weeks in advance, feel really productive for one day doing loads of secondary source searching, then not look at it for weeks and leave it until the last few days to actually do any writing. I want my work to be perfect, but I’d much rather binge watch Netflix. See the internal conflict?

I also love hosting. Being a control freak and all, the role of the hostess and organiser of pre drinks, sleepovers, whatever is very appealing to me. Okay, fine. It’s nice to have someone around to organise fun things to do in a group, right? WRONG. Remember that Friends episode where Monica hosts a birthday party for Rachel but no one enjoys it? The one where the guests keep trying to sneak to Joey and Chandler’s alternative party because Monica’s getting neurotic about coasters under glasses and her awful party game? I’m the Monica there, except my neurosis is induced by trying to herd uncooperative people into taxis and not letting anyone use my family heirloom Vintage 1960’s shot glasses. (The fact that my family heirloom is a rack of shot glasses probably says a lot about my family but let’s not pry.) I love to host, but it’s my way or the high way. If you’re wondering why I don’t just let someone else host, well, I just couldn’t possibly. Where’s the control in that?

My favourite, however, is sleeping in way past my alarm and leaving it until I have twenty minutes before I have to leave the house to get ready and eat breakfast. Impossible you say? Nope. The Monica Geller in me has solved it. Gym clothes. Picture this: me in normal clothes looking tired, windswept with last night’s hair. Lazy, running late perhaps? Now picture this: me, make-up -less, windswept with last night’s scruffy bun BUT with running leggings, a sports bra and trainers on, carrying my “Drop it like a squat” water bottle. Suddenly, I no longer look lazy, just super active.

I have decided, however, to embrace my Monica Geller side more. She’s not so bad. She’s organised, she’s got great clothes and everyone still comes back to her apartment at the end of a long day. Although, I do promise never to get my hair braided like hers no matter how humid it may get.

Speak soon,



How To Survive Being “…Meh”

I’ve always been told I’m headed for great things. I’d like to believe that. Who knows, maybe I am? However, right now I can categorically say I am not doing great things. I am nothing out of the ordinary. I’m average. I’m a student. I drink, I write essays and hand them in on time, I maintain a good grade, I go to the gym. I know that sounds quite productive, like the usual good student having fun but remaining studious, but it’s average. Masses of twenty year olds in the country are doing the same.

Now, that thought may seem like a belittling, negative one, but bare with…

All my life, I’ve been reassured by loving parents, grandparents, sometimes even strangers that I’m the “prettiest” , the “most intelligent” , and a “very promising” girl. That could be correct, given the right circumstances, but it’s probably not. This isn’t an “oh boo hoo I’m so ugly/stupid/useless” post, it’s positive, I promise, I’m getting to it. Basically, my whole life I was conditioned to be something special, something exciting. I was going to be a performer, I was going to be something so admirable, and exciting and I’d have hilarious stories to tell quirky strangers in bars. There was this huge pressure on me, particularly through college, that being ordinary, being like everyone else just wasn’t enough. That’s probably because it was a performing arts college, leading us all into a competitive industry, however, I do believe at some point everyone feels this same pressure. This pressure that to be important and popular and unique is everything.

I used to spend ages scrolling through Instagram looking at people I thought were the most beautiful. I wanted to look like all these girls with perfect make-up and gorgeous clothes, and I wanted to be surrounded by these gorgeous, edgy male models drinking gin and flashing their watches. They were the best, the elite and I wanted to be part of it. I wanted this lifestyle that involved gorgeous people, with cool creative jobs, who seemed to just effortlessly stroll into VIP Lounges and tell people stories about the time they met such-a-body from the radio or how they partied with such-a-body from TV through their most recent acting job.

Basically, I used to spend hours convincing myself I had to be something more than what I was. I’m not the sort of person who gets into VIP just by strolling in. I don’t even like clubs that much anymore, I’d really rather be in bed by 11pm. My stories are somewhat quirky, but they’re usually at the cost of my own dignity, and don’t often involve celebrities or much more than me making a fool of myself. I like gin, but I’d really rather drink it with my friends on a weekday than with some guy in a  snobby bar who just wants to tell me how much his watch costs. I used to think I had to do all these things so I’d have something to impress everyone with, so I could be the kind of person who had a witty anecdote if ever needed. But really, how often are they needed? And who am I impressing?

The fact is, being cool, being new and exciting is nice. If you are cool and exciting and you have all these amazing stories and interesting careers, really, more power to you and keep up the good work. I admire that, and there’s still this part of me that wants all of that, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting that. But some of us aren’t there yet. And that’s okay too.

It’s okay not to be the most beautiful. It’s okay not to be the most intelligent. It’s okay to not have everything together yet in a nice Pinterest-worthy package of a life. You probably are headed for great things, but your parents will be proud of you if you’re happy. It’s equally as impressive to have what you need and not want more, to have a quiet life with  a small circle of loved ones. Your job doesn’t have to be the most exciting to strangers if it’s exciting to you. You don’t need to post a quirky picture of “the best night out everrr [insert party popper/champagne emoji]” on Instagram every week to make people think you’re interesting. Doing the ordinary isn’t settling. Doing something you’re uncomfortable with is settling. Never settle.

I hope this made some sort of sense. If you need a summary after my rambling: Ordinary is okay. Most people are ordinary and they’re perfectly happy. Just be happy, and do you, boo, do you.

Speak soon,







How To Survive Not Being Single.

So something totally unexpected happened. You may remember a blog post about “surviving” (quotation marks because really it’s not something to endure or survive) being single.

Well, basically… um… my male friend got a hair cut and now he’s my boyfriend. I’m so shallow. No, really, he’s lovely. All round great guy. So I have to admit, this is scary territory for me.

There was a bit of a hoo-haa about when we were becoming “public” (lol who are we, Kimye?) to our friends. We’re both part of the same friendship group and weren’t sure how it was going to go down, but to be honest, after much faffing about trying to keep things on the D.L, our friends just caught us kissing at a party a few weeks in anyway and that was that. The moral of that story being not to care. No one’s really that bothered as long as you’re happy and not PDA-ing in front of them 24/7.

I also had the super scary experiences of meeting his friends and his Dad. I can’t even explain the panic. I should specify, unnecessary panic. What do I wear? What do I say? What if they hate me? What if I choke on my drink? What if they find out about my total incompetence when it comes to public transport? The horror! Really though, the reality is nothing like this. The first time I met my boyfriend’s friends I was silent. Possibly for the first time in my life. I got so worked up every time I went to see him because I was so nervous about talking to his friends. It took me a while to realise the following… Your partner likes you, so there must be something about you the people close to them like about you too. They’re on your side. They want to like you. Just ask them questions. People love to talk about themselves. Worst comes to worst, your nerves will calm over time and people will warm to you. You can’t be that bad if there’s a significant other willing to spend their spare time with you.

Now, the most important lesson I’ve learned is that your boyfriend/ girlfriend isn’t your chaperone/alcohol monitor. Picture this scene: Me, dressed as Paris Hilton wearing a blonde wig, having to be carried out of a house party by my boyfriend whilst I cried because “someone stole my wine” (Note: My wine had been hidden from me hours ago for obvious reasons). I was a mess, and my poor boyfriend missed a whole party because I pre-drank too hard. It’s okay every now and then, accidents happen, alcohol is messy and tricky to master and it’s nice that your boyfriend is there to make sure nothing bad happens to you while you’re in a state. However, relying on your boyfriend/girlfriend for total safety and competence whenever you go on a night out together isn’t good. It ruins your night, it ruins there’s. No one has fun so just look after yourself first and foremost.

Overall though, I think I’m doing okay at the whole being a girlfriend thing. I may have been a neurotic mess the odd day, but I buy him chocolate milk and feed him occasionally, so that’s alright. Right?

Speak soon,