How To Survive When Your Make Up Keeps Falling Off Your Face.


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Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while but I’ve been hella busy with internships and work experience placements recently, so I’ve barely had time to blog. Now, anyone who knows me knows I hate anything that involves getting out of my dressing gown and putting actual make up on, but with all these internships and a part time job, I’ve recently had to wear make up pretty much every day of the week (feel free to gasp in shock there). I know that’s probably the norm for most people, but I just hate that end of the day make up feeling. You know the one. Your foundation’s gone patchy and cakey, your mascara is half way down your cheek bones and your eye shadow is basically gone. Well fear no more my darlings, I found a little helping hand that keeps my make up fresh af, and didn’t break my bank.

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How To Survive Growing Your Hair Out.

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So nearly a year ago I cut my hip-length hair off, right up to my shoulders. I had that new thing everyone was on about: a Lob. (Long bob- but I’m sure you already knew that) I actually really enjoyed the Lob; it had its own little air of glam when it was curled and looked cutesy with my dungarees and glasses or half up in a scrunchie. It was surprisingly pretty low maintenance. However, recently I’ve decided I miss my Princess Jasmine hair and have tested some of the tricks of the trade people swear by to make it grow out faster. Continue reading “How To Survive Growing Your Hair Out.”