How To Survive When Your Make Up Keeps Falling Off Your Face.


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Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while but I’ve been hella busy with internships and work experience placements recently, so I’ve barely had time to blog. Now, anyone who knows me knows I hate anything that involves getting out of my dressing gown and putting actual make up on, but with all these internships and a part time job, I’ve recently had to wear make up pretty much every day of the week (feel free to gasp in shock there). I know that’s probably the norm for most people, but I just hate that end of the day make up feeling. You know the one. Your foundation’s gone patchy and cakey, your mascara is half way down your cheek bones and your eye shadow is basically gone. Well fear no more my darlings, I found a little helping hand that keeps my make up fresh af, and didn’t break my bank.

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How To Survive Going Back to Living with your Family.

Instagram: Lo_cowen Cos this is totally something I’d wear to travel home in. (Dress and coat both Boohoo, flowery bag from Cath Kidston)

You know the drill. The first day you get home you’re welcomed with a hug and a cup of tea. The next morning you get a nice big breakfast and get to choose what to watch on the tele. Then somehow, somewhere along the line, something changes and you revert back to being your 14 year old self, screaming about how “no one understands you” and complaining about having to stack the dishwasher. Whether you’re home for a while or just a short weekend break, here’s how to navigate your return to the family.

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Mystery Blogger Award!


Hi guys, no survival guide this time but something super exciting! I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by the sweetest Morgie Reacts. You can read and follow her wonderful blog HERE  (Note: her giveaways are amazing!)

Sorry this took ages, I’ve been swamped with Uni assignments!

This award was created by Okoto Engima – you can find her blog here! The rules of the award are as follows:

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How To Survive Being Home Alone.

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Alright, this sounds a little silly, and no one should need a how-to guide to simply sitting at home alone, waiting for their housemates to get back, right? Wrong. The last time I was home alone my housemate came back to find me stood directly in front of the TV after literally just walking around my flat for hours, doing nothing. It was 10pm and I hadn’t even managed to make my dinner yet because I’d been aimlessly circling my flat. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m actually super needy, maybe it’s the hyperactivity-inducing spare time with no one to vent my deepest, most ridiculous thoughts to… who knows? Either way, here’s how to make better use of your empty flat/house when you’re needy af.

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How To Survive When You Can’t Sleep (An Honest Review of Lush’s Sleepy Lotion)

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So, here’s my usual bed time routine: Get in bed, shut eyes, convince myself someone is hiding in my wardrobe, check wardrobe, get back in bed, sweat, open window, shiver, close window, practice conversation that will never happen in my head, think of a business idea, check clock, say a few expletives, shut eyes, convince myself someone is going to break in and kidnap me, create a plan of action for such an event, check clock, say more expletives whilst worrying about how few hours sleep I’m going to get, check Instagram, Tweet about not being able to sleep, shut eyes, worry about something silly, eventually fall asleep.  Sound familiar? Well I tried the internet’s insomnia hero, the Lush Sleepy Lotion, to see if it could help.

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How To Survive Approaching People You Fancy in Nightclubs. (A What Not To Do Guide consisting of Anecdotes from One of Many Hideous Encounters.)

Image from my Instagram @lo_cowen

Sorry to disappoint but this isn’t anecdotes about myself approaching people I fancy in clubs- although that would definitely make a highly cringe-worthy and self-deprecating post that would entertain you for hours. But no, this is a post based on experiences as a female in a nightclub on a Saturday night, just wanting to get dolled up and go out dancing.  Continue reading “How To Survive Approaching People You Fancy in Nightclubs. (A What Not To Do Guide consisting of Anecdotes from One of Many Hideous Encounters.)”

How To Survive Work Experience.

(Left Image taken by Anna Fletcher at Boohoo. Both images taken from my Instagram: @lo_cowen)

I’ve been on work experience before, but that was mostly at hairdressers or restaurants under the obligation of school courses or CV enhancement. In that case, you can imagine how nervous I was when I landed some work experience at Boohoo HQ! I’d never had work experience doing anything I was genuinely passionate and cared about before, so I really wanted to impress here. However it turned out that even I managed to get along just fine, despite my (often wildly mistaken) preconceptions and fears about working at such a huge fashion brand.

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