How To Survive Going Back to Live With the Parents. (Kindly Katie’s tips!)


The lovely Kindly Katie (click to see her blog!) had some great ideas for those of us who’ve come home from university, travelling or anywhere else and are back living with our parents. Although the free food in the fridge and household heating might be a luxury at first, sometimes the novelty wears off of being back home, but Katie’s gathered a few ideas about how to cope with this:

How to Survive Going Back to Live with the Parents

Going back to live with your parents can be dreadful. When you get that time of freedom and independence, you can go crazy going back to living under your parents roof. Rules, privacy, feeling like a kid again… those can just be a few of the common struggles. 

I’ve come up with a few ways to stay sane, that have personally helped me while moving back home from university for the summer. 

  1. Let your parents know the struggle moving back home. Be open about it. They usually are more supportive of your privacy then. Explain how you’re used to living your life how it was before, and how this is all new again. They won’t take offense. Change is hard.
  2. Get out of the house. Find excuses to get out. Go to the local coffee shop to browse on your computer, go on a run. Sometimes just getting out of the house and being by yourself is what you need to stay independent. 
  3. Do your own chores/duties around the house. The sense of taking care of yourself can remind you of your previous independence. Cook your own meals instead of eating what your parents make, do your own laundry, etc. 
  4. Stay busy. This can mean getting out of the house, or even staying busy doing work from home. I took a class one summer and staying busy made time go by faster. 
  5. Keep your eyes on the end point. If your stay is temporary, keep thinking that. If your stay is more permanent or not planned, think about what you can do to get you to the end point. If that’s saving up for your own place, find a way to achieve that. 

Some people love living with their parents, but if your like me, try these tips. If your stay is temporary, staying busy is the best thing you can do to make time go faster to get to the end point. If your stay is more permanent, figure out your goals and a plan to get there. 

Hope these helped! Comment below if you have any tips/suggestions.

xo; Kindly, Katie 


So much thanks to Katie for those little tips! She’s a lovely girl and has some really interesting posts on her blog so it’s definitely worth having a read of her stuff here:

Speak soon,




2 thoughts on “How To Survive Going Back to Live With the Parents. (Kindly Katie’s tips!)

  1. Lovely tips, thanks for sharing! I always struggle when I go back to my parents, especially when I’m used to living more independently and they still treat me like a baby. It’s cute at the beginning, but there comes a point when it gets a bit annoying!

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