Help Me Survive Things?

People of WordPress!

Just a quick one to ask if there’s anything you’d like me to survive for you? Since you’re following me on here,  or accidentally stumbled over here, I guess I should see if there’s anything in particular you’re interested in. I guess?

Any experiences or social situations you’ve been stuck in where you just don’t know how to react? Any news stories you’re still getting your head around? Any exercise regimes etc. you’re not so sure about? Send them to me on my social media links or comment below and I’ll see what I can do!





2 thoughts on “Help Me Survive Things?

  1. Here are some random ideas, well nothing too personal but I know others maybe interested and myself in the following:
    How to survive:
    High School
    A healthy diet
    Being Bullied
    Friends not supporting you
    Wanting to make a change
    Moving to a different country
    Embrace failure
    Prevent something specific
    How to start a wordpress/ blog and be consistent
    Do more of what to you love
    Be more confident
    Have a fun summer
    Hope these were helpful.

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