How to Survive A&E


Hello! I know it’s been a little while, but I’ve been back at uni, therefore in a constant state of drunk, hungover and panic writing essays.

Regarding the A&E subject of the blog, it’s where I spent the entirety of my Friday night out. I must say, those doctors were so efficient given an entire drunken cast of Jeremy Kyle were in there. However, I was rather gutted I had my lovely tassely American Apparell dress on with my hair and make up both on fleek, only to spend my night in the A&E waiting room. (At least the X-Ray guy was kind of hot though.)

How did I end up there? Well kids, after a few vodka lime and lemonades at pre drinks and a jump which turned into a stumble out of a taxi, I went over on my foot and managed to fracture it. So basically,  I was out of my flat for about 10 minutes in total and ended up in A&E. Well done Laura.

That sounds traumatic enough, but let me assure you, A&E receptionists don’t take so kindly to:

• One crying drunk girl with a lumpy foot.

•Two drunk girls carrying said crying girl into a wheelchair, unable to take the break off the wheelchair whilst giggling too much.

•Another drunk girl shouting down the phone to communicate to other drunk friends that the crying drunk girl was, in fact, okay and alive.

Even better, after three and a half hours, at 4am, I was informed I had to be back at 10:20am to the fracture clinic. So by the next day, I not only had a swollen, sore foot, a hangover, crutches I still hadn’t mastered and an empty stomach, but I also had next to no sleep.

The cherry on top of the cake? My moon boot. Oh yeah. That’s actually what the consultant called it. Who am I? Napoleon Dynamite? I hobbled into the fracture clinic the next day (with no help getting in and out of the taxi from the driver on two occasions now) and got a “moon boot fitted” instead of a cast. I suppose the upside to that is my flat mates can’t draw willies on it.

So here I am, stuck on the sofa with a fat leg/foot and only Netflix and Film4 to entertain me. Moral of the story? I don’t even know… don’t be a clumsy drunk? Here’s a picture of me and Vicky having a ball in A&E.




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