How to Survive Your Demons.

Here’s an NYE picture. New Year New Us. Wigs Included.

Recently, a lot of people I know, including myself, have had a whole load of self esteem problems. It’s something I and many others struggle with throughout our whole lives. It’s perfectly normal to have things you don’t like about yourself, but when this dislike turns to hatred, it becomes a problem.


Given it’s the whole “New Year New Me” time, I decided it’s time for this to stop. I know many people get themselves to a really dark places. Extreme and dangerous measures are taken to punish yourself for simply being you and this isn’t okay (state the obvious).

One day, when you’re ready, you’ll wake up one morning and realise you cant live like this forever. It’s impossible to be a functioning adult, going to work everyday while hating yourself. You’ll realise you can’t raise children with this attitude, you can’t maintain friendships and relationships feeling like you’re not worthy of them. You have to realise you’re the most important person in your life. You are very much loved, and your self worth is based on your opinion, no-one else’s.

It’s time to focus on ourselves. It’s time to better ourselves, not punish ourselves. Exercise because you want to be strong, not because you think you ate too much. Eat fruit and vegetables with everything, not because they’ll make you thin, but because they lift your mood and make you glow. Go out and party not for approval, but because you love your friends and you want to dance like an idiot with them. And for goodness sake, pick a nice smelling body moisturiser and use it twice a day. (I’m not sure why that helps but I swear it does.)

The reason these gorgeous yoga girls and hunky gym guys we all compare ourselves to on social media are so gorgeous is because they wake up every morning and think “I’m beautiful and I deserve to treat myself as such.” Don’t wait for anyone else to treat you like royalty, start yourself. Once you start glowing, loving yourself and those around you, you’ll realise your life isn’t valued by attention, Instagram likes, relationship status or the number of people you’ve pulled on a night out.

You become what you think you are. And it’s time to think differently.



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